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About Authentic Insights

Namaste and Welcome!

I am honored that you are here.

I believe at our core we are authentic beings, but sometimes because of life’s demands we may begin to feel disconnected.

My intent is to create a safe and welcoming space where you feel comfortable speaking your truth—to have your voice heard, and most importantly for you to reconnect with the core essence of who you are.

My areas of interest are Relationship Issues, Loss & Grief with a focus on the loss of an Animal Companion, and People and Culture (DE&I and LGBTQIA).

I want to help you create a balance between mind, body and spirit. I am here to listen to what your soul wants to say.

It is my commitment to offer encouragement and support to all individuals no matter where they are in their life’s journey, or in the world.

I am currently working on my Doctorate in Clinical Sexology [Sexuality Education], I have a Masters in Anatomy & Neurobiology, and I am a Reiki Master and Teacher.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact me anytime at:

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✨ *Excerpt: “15 years later, we are still laughing with each other. We call each pet names. His is Giant, and I am Little Giant. Remember, he is 6’5”, and I am almost 5’2”. What’s most important is that we have each other. And he is truly the love of my life!”

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Featuring my piece “Manifesting The Love of My Life, By Sushma D.A. Hallock”

Who I can help

Each session is unique like the person I work with. My approach is to listen and to coach.

Relationship Issues

  • Relationships for each of us start at a young age, and as we get older they become more complicated.
  • You may experience a disharmony between family members, co-workers, platonic or romantic people in your life.
  • I can work with you to resolve inner conflict and improve relationship satisfaction.


  • Dealing with the loss of a loved one whether it is a family member, friend, even our beloved animal companions can be life altering.
  • The pain and anguish you feel can be very intense and all consuming
  • Let me create a safe and nurturing environment for to express your heart ache. I will support you.


  • Society sometimes creates illusionary boxes and unreal expectations of human beings.
  • Our diversity is what makes us distinct, but how do we learn to accept who we truly are?
  • I can help you discover the tools and resources that are available to you to help you find your voice.

How can I help?

Contact me for a free introductory call

I would be happy to spend 20 minutes free with you to discuss how I can help you on your healing journey.

Coach-Client Service Agreement

If after our introductory call, you decide you would like us to work together, please read the services agreement between you and Authentic Insights LLC. Click the button below. This document contains essential information about our professional services, fees and business policies.